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Knee pain

Knee pain

The knees are the joints that have to handle the greatest strain in the body. The most common cause of knee pain is wear on the cartilage in the joint (osteoarthritis). More than half of all people over 60 suffer from osteoarthritis. Another possible cause of knee pain is injuries to ligaments or muscle attachments. When knees are affected, many experience swelling and stiffness along with the pain. Our daily physical activities are affected when it’s hard to walk and move. TENS is a gentle alternative for treating long-term pain conditions like osteoarthritis, because it usually reduces your dependency on drugs without compromising on the pain relief.

TENS is an excellent tool that you can take with you everywhere. TENS can be an effective complement to oral analgesics when the pain is at its worst, or even replace some of the pills.

To relieve knee pain, place the electrodes on or around the knee joint; see below.

Use a program with high-frequency stimulation. Each session should be at least 30 minutes and can last up to several hours a day. The pain relief is usually most effective during the stimulation, but the effect can last for hours after the program finishes.

Note: People with pacemakers must not receive TENS treatment.

Electrode placement for knee pain #1Electrode placement for knee pain #2

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