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Tension headache

Tension headache

Tension headaches are usually caused by stress or a poor work position. Jaw or vision problems can also contribute to causing tension headaches. Often, such headaches are caused by tense neck muscles: a tense muscle hurts and the microcirculation in the muscle is disrupted. This often leads to a vicious circle that results in even more tension and pain.

TENS gives effective pain relief with no side effects and can be used whenever you need it! TENS can be an effective complement or alternative to oral analgesics when the pain is at its worst. It’s good to combine TENS treatment with physical activity.

Place the electrodes in the painful area, such as the forehead. Remember that tension headaches often come from tense neck muscles, so we recommend that you also place electrodes there.

Treat with high-frequency stimulation at least 30 minutes at a time, one or more times a day.

Note: People with pacemakers must not receive TENS treatment.

Electrode placement for tension headache #1

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